I am a full time student at Bastyr University-CA working toward my Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness.  I’m also a contributing author to Sexy Strong LLC, Wellnessforce.com as well as the Bastyr Clinic blog.  I stay fresh on my knowledge of current nutrition trends by participating in research at Bastyr University, San Diego State University, and UC San Diego and as an intern for Nutrigenomix.

I discovered my passion for helping others transition to a healthier lifestyle during my years as a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. While in the fitness industry, I found that I shared the frustration of many of my clients regarding nutrition and health. The information in the media is overwhelming, confusing, can be conflicting and is often vague. Sometimes I just wanted to scream out “FML!”

This has inspired me to create this blog, designed to reference the science behind the nutrition while also making it easier to understand. When it comes to food, diets, and nutrition, it is my hope that the connotation of FML can be shifted from that of exasperation to one of opportunity. I hope this blog can serve as your source of objective nutrition information.

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