After allowing myself to slowly get further and further from the physical condition I was used to (because of the typical demands on my time that most people don’t have) I got myself back in the gym and eating healthy. After a few months I had lost about 15-20 pounds and regained much of the muscle mass that I had lost. I also noticed that I had reached a bit of a plateau. I contacted Monika and we went over my diet and work out routines together in detail. She gave me many suggestions on my diet and gave me a new work out plan and philosophy. Another couple months has passed and I have cut down fat and increased muscle, tone, and core strength (which has lessened my chronic back pain).  I have known Monika personally and professionally for about 8 years and I couldn’t think of someone who will give more of themselves to help and put in the effort to succeed than her. She is driven, smart, understanding, and has earned my respect and recommendation to anyone who is looking to better themselves and is willing to put in the effort.  – Aaron Pinnetti

Monika has been my trainer for over a year. I came to her with some fears about re-injuring areas that had previously been surgically addressed. My goal was pain management/avoidance.
I can truthfully say that my goals have been achieved. Additionally, Monika treats you as a whole person – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Her authentic level of concern is evident to me at every session. She has seen problems that I couldn’t articulate, and worked with me to improve them.
I’ve had a number of trainers over the years. In the past, the workouts grew to be repetitive and boring. Monika is always switching things up – after checking to see if the most recent session had any noticeable effect (pain, etc). – Ellen Baum, Chef

I worked with Monika to help rehab a bad back and strengthen my core. Always conscientious, Monika provided challenging yet safe workouts that focused on building that strength, while still keeping me entertained and focused. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is deep and she is thoughtful about every aspect of fitness training. To top it off, she is funny, energetic and always sees the silver lining! – Shelly Pinkerton, Fitness Manager Crunch Serra Mesa

I just found the right person in the right time, last year I swam a mile in the ocean, because I found swimming the sport for me, Ie have a back issues and my muscles are no very strong, or that’s what I though… For multiple injuries sports are difficult for me, finding Monika was a incredible experience. One mile in 33 minutes in 2012 in the rough water in La Jolla Cove competition turn to be in 2013 three miles in 90 minutes, I’m no only triple the distance, I went down 9 minutes… All in 6 months… She encourage me no only to work on my core, elbow issues, bad knee, carp tunnel, diet, etc…she encourage to believe on myself as a long distance swimmer, I’m been swimming for almost 2 years and I will continue my training, I’m 35 years young, and my goals in sports are growing, thanks to Monika B. – Astolfo Feregrino

Personally, I’ve had fitness instructors who didn’t meet me up to par. I’ve had a couple instructors who have taught me what I already knew and I felt as if their training was adequate. Additionally, I was not content with the meal plan these instructors would provide for me because it would just be a list of “healthy foods” to eat. This made me skeptical about signing up with another trainer. However, ever since I started training with Monika, she has went above and beyond with the training, constant emailing with the food logs, as well as the categorized meal plans. I am impressed with her educated background. Monika is very knowledgeable with nutritious and supplement values and whenever I have any questions about fitness or nutrition, she is always available to answer them. – Hillary Manalac, Clever Talks Ambassador

Monika is a buff brain. Her explanations of the exercises she puts you through range from degree of difficulty to what the biomechanics of the workout are doing to your body and what results will come from doing them. She maintains an energy that makes you want to push harder – it’s not just encouragement – but belief in your abilities that push you to new levels of fitness. On top of that, Monika will whup your butt. And you’ll thank her for doing it. Six stars. – Larry Weiner, Author

I was an injured runner. A painful hip kept me from running for many months until I started training with Monika. She’s encouraging and makes sure you have good form at all times during my training “shoulders back core is tight” which was always good to be reminded of. I was always a skinny girl with skinny arms with no definition. Today I’m still that skinny girl but now have muscles! My skinny arms have never looked so good. My legs are stronger, my abs look good too. My friends and family have noticed, my nephew Anthony said to me “Tia Monica you have guns!”. So funny! Im also now a stronger runner. I have placed 1st and 2nd in a couple of 5ks. Now I can train for a half-marathon thanks to Monika. She is amazing and is very knowledgable,encouraging and kind. – Monica Garcia

At age 67, my body started to lose balance, strength and endurance. Monika provided a program/workout for me that included all of the above; a metabolic theme. Thanks to her, I am stronger, more balanced and receiving more cardio benefits. My core is stronger and the torso smaller. She’s a Pro. – Kathy Smith, Yoga Teacher, Retired

Monika knows exactly what I need at every workout. I can tell she has spent time preparing a routine that is just for me. She knows when to push me and when to modify an exercise so I can be successful. She is reliable and a delight to be around. I can’t say enough good things about her. – Kim Chase

Initially I worked with Monika to get stronger and more toned for my best friend’s wedding. She impressed me with her knowledge and her focus to make sure my goals were met. She’s not a typical trainer – where you workout and they forget about you until your next session. Monika texted me and was in constant communication to help me make better daily nutrition and workout choices. A few months into our training, I found out I was pregnant. Monika changed the workouts and adapted to my new condition. I have learned so much from her! She isn’t an average trainer; she truly cares about your health and meeting your personal goals. I wouldn’t trust my fitness journey with anyone else but Monika :):) – Kurstin Morse

This is my first ever time working with a trainer and I am so glad I found Monika. She paid attention to my goals and customizes the workout to those goals. I do not want to be buff (as if that is even a possibility!), but I do want to be stronger and more balanced in muscular strength. – Jean Zagrodnik, Massage Therapist

I started with Monika with the goal of weight loss. At my initial consultation I also discussed the fact that at 33 years old I had a total hip replacement with pain that still continued daily. As a nurse with long hours on my feet all day- pain medication was a part of my normal life. After a couple of weeks with Monika I could for sure feel a difference. I have been with her around six months and I am officially pain free! While my doctors continuously provided more pain medication- Monika determined which muscles were weak and worked on these muscles. With the food modifications/ consistency- I have lost inches in the process/clothes size decreased. I actually look forward to every session because I know that she has my best interest in mind. I need her mix of smile- encouragement-toughness to keep me going. I appreciate the “can do” attitude. She is a great trainer and really cares about her clients! – Thomasina Alexander, Registered Nurse

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